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Birthdate:May 11

If you need to fall apart
I can mend a broken heart
If you need to crash then crash and burn
You're not alone

Name: Lila
Class: Axe knight -> Paladin
Country: Kanemoria-born, currently living in Dentoria
Age: 1819202122 23
Birthday: March 23rd 605 (Aries)
Languages: Trade, Dentorian (good), Megam (barely)
Family:Susan (mother), Greg (father), Robin (brother), Corrina (sister, deceased)
Weapon proficiencies: Axe, sword

The middle child in a family of three, Lila grew up in a somewhat wealthy family in Kanemoria. A bona fide tomboy, she developed a love of the outdoors as soon as she was big enough to walk. While all the other girls were learning to dance and use staves, Lila was always out fishing or camping with her father and brother.

As she got older, the stories she heard about noble knights protecting the innocent and serving the crown made her want to become a knight herself. The family moved to Dentoria, where Lila swore herself to the crown and began training. Her work paid off when she and childhood friend Allison, a skilled mage, were knighted under Lord Elmudd of Lireth.

Lila had yet to learn that knighthood was more than protecting the innocent.

Over the summer, Lila tangled herself in an impossible web by lying to Lord Elmudd about having not seen the missing Lady Elthea, whom she was expected to find and bring home. In truth, Lila had seen her, but covered for her and Amaeyra while they retreated to Emeron.

She and Allison were eventually caught by the stern Lord Hasten and forced to bring the sisters back to Lireth. Determined not to displease her liege lord ever again, Lila decided that from now on instead of trying to shelter the fragile Elthea, she would figure out a way to help her improve her abilities and become stronger...hopefully.

Unfortunately, they never had the chance. After yet another descent into madness, Elthea took her own life. Sometime later, Lord Elmudd died suddenly after an incident with errant horses. After a battle with fear and guilt, Lila comitted herself to working her hardest and mending her bad habits for the sake of those she lived to serve and protect. Over time, she eventually managed to (somewhat) overcome her habit of bottling up her feelings.

Until recently.

For the past two years, Lila's sheltered sister Corrina had fought their mother for her freedom and one day, she finally escaped. Lila lied and covered for her sister, but eventually their mother found her way into the journals and Corrina was forced to confess everything. After a while, the family got used to the idea of Corrina being so far away, and Corrina was happy with her new friends, and Lila was happy for her.

Then one night, Corrina was murdered by Chiel, the girl everyone thought was all bark and no bite. Lila did her best not to withdraw in on herself and to reach out and comfort her loved ones, but soon found herself bottling up her grief and pain like she had in the past. Even hearing of Chiel's brutal murder by Corrina's best friend Terrance did little to ease her mind.

She accepted a mission from Lord Hasten to travel to Colndor and catch a thief who had stolen one of Lireth's best horses two years ago, vowing to be the strong, brave knight Corrina worshipped her as...and to bear the pain of being strong so that her loved ones were free to mourn as long as they wished.


Her personality betrays her appearance; Lila is the last person you could call feminine or delicate. She's a loose cannon with a loud mouth and a love of bad jokes and teasing
people. She's always up for a good time, be it a wild adventure or taking on as many challengers as she can in the arena.

Lila's strongest points are her determination and loyalty. She fights hard, and loves harder. Once she gets an idea into her head, she never lets it go. Her friends and family know they can count on her unwavering support and devotion for life. Even when she's teasing them, she knows not to step out of line...of course, this doesn't stop her from accidentally doing it on occasion, in which case she'll do anything to make up for it-especially where Allison is concerned.

Her weak point is her pride. Lila is extremely stubborn and refuses to succumb to her weaknesses, sometimes to the point where it does more harm than good. She hates the very idea of ever being weak and will never admit when she needs help or is feeling sad. She has a bad habit of bottling up negative feelings inside until they explode. She also has the habit of trying to fix what can't be fixed, and feeling useless and angry when she realizes she can't do anything to stop someone's pain, or take on their suffering so they don't have to deal with it anymore.

One of the biggest influences in Lila's life is her brother, Robin. She loves him as deeply as a sister can love her brother in a non-incestual way, and keeps in frequent touch with him while he's on the road. She's also fiercely protective of Corrina, despite being easily frustrated with her at times.

Lila has recently become more serious and dignified, though her spark still remains strong.


Lila is tall for a woman, slender but well-toned from her years of physical activity. She has the same bright blue eyes as her siblings and long blonde hair that she usually braids or ties back. She dresses very casually but will occasionally wear a dress or a skirt, and her clothes are typically shades of red, gray and tan. She tends to smile a lot, and has the habit of chewing her lower lip when nervous.


Lila is played by [info]sarajayechan for [info]himitsu_sensou and PBed by Kira Aso of MARS. Her theme is "Crash and Burn" by Savage Garden.
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